I love podcasts! Throughout the years I've listened to plenty of them, some of which have been of outstanding quality, professionally made, and so generously shared!

Here's a list of Podcasts that I've listened to during the past few years.

British Podcasts:

Australian Podcasts:
I've enjoyed most of the podcasts mentioned above, but if I'm to choose My Top 20:
  1. Hardcore History
  2. Big Picture Science
  3. Point of Inquiry
  4. The Rubin Report
  5. Rationally Speaking
  6. Infinite Monkey Cage
  7. The Truth
  8. The Joe Rogan Experience
  9. History of Philosophy with no gaps
  10. Ricky Gervais Show
  11. Astronomy Cast
  12. Inquring Minds
  13. Waking Up
  14. StarTalk 
  15. The Bugle